April 25, 2015

Super Junior's Eunhyuk: CHOCOLAT BONBON (Bakery & Cafe)

Eunhyuk, the infamous dancing machine of Super Junior has started another business that is run by his family, after the closing of his own franchise of  "Tous Les Jours". It is yet another bakery known as Chocolat Bonbon to the fans and for those who had already gone to the place.

Located in Guro, which is in the western part of Seoul, the new bakery is located at the same place where his previous bakery (Tous Les Jours) was. It was renovated into a new bakery last August 2014. 

With a feminine touch and cute concept, Chocolat Bonbon will surely capture the heart of fangirls not just because of the various food and sweets, and drinks that  they offer, but also with the girls' accessories like necklaces and bracelets that they sell too.

Can see Dalnim right there! :)
They offer various types of bread and cakes everyday, and with the time table, listing the time when fresh bread will come out will sure get handy for the customers that will come. The price is also relatively inexpensive compared to the ones from usual franchise bakeries such as Tous Les Jours and Paris Baguette. 

Handsome part-timer by the counter :)
Another good thing about Chocolat Bonbon is that the cafe itself will surely be a nice hang out for Super Junior's fans, ELF, because of it's relative design with his previous bakery, where in they put up pictures of him and his members, and such other details that are related to him. There is also the message board where fans can actually write letters for Eunhyuk if they happen to visit the shop.

Eunhyuk sure loves Paris <3
With the cutesy and fluffy concept the bakery has, the shop also sells hand-made items such as ribbons, bookmarks, pouches and dolls that will surely excite the fans to take home!

Much to everyone's delight, this is also available in the shop!

How to get to Chocolat Bonbon?

1.Take the subway line 7 to Namguro station.
2. Go out of exit 2.
3. Once you get to the street, make a slight left, then follow Digital-ro 27-gil for several blocks until it intersects with Digital-ro.
4. Cross the street. You should see Chocolat Bonbon directly in front of you, on the left corner of the building you’re facing. It's actually in the same spot as with TLJ before. Be sure not to miss it since it's occupying a pretty small space hidden under an overhang.

Other Informations:

Address: 235-2 Guro 3(sam)-dong, Guro-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Telephone: +82-2-6220-3927


Coffee 1,500~4,000 won
Smoothie 4,000~4,500 won
Tea 1,500~4,000 won
Ice flakes 4,500~6,500 won
Bread 3,500 won
Tart 2,000 won
Sunday Picnic (bread) 1,000 won
Lazy afternoon (bread) 1,000 won
Dreaming choco (bread) 1,000 won

Open Hours: MONDAY - SATURDAY (7AM - 10PM KST)

Modes of Payment:

Credit Card
Cash Only
Traveler's Check

Twitter: @chocolat_bonx2
Website: chocolatbon-bon.com

If you are lucky enough, see the handsome part-timer in  the store visit :)
[His cousin is often in the counter, plus his mom and his dog Choco are often there too.]


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